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Exploration Seminar to Greenland / Denmark

Apply for a new Exploration Seminar to Greenland and Denmark offered from 15 August – 10 September 2018 for University of Washington students!

See more information and apply with the University of Washington Study Abroad Program:

This is an Early Fall course with title:
Earth and Space Sciences Greenland and Denmark: Ice and climate-change science and societal response

This course provides 5 NW credits as ESS 402, included in the course fee, and will be cross-listed with Arctic Studies to be able to provide 5 units of ARCTIC 387 if that is preferred.

Course fee listed reflects a significant reduction in cost due to generous support from the Scan|Design Foundation. A summer fellowship of $3,500 has already been applied to reduce the program fee for each student to the amount listed. With this support we have planned enriching tours and experiences in Greenland and in Copenhagen and made accessible traveling to an otherwise expensive location – we are thrilled to have this partnership and to provide this opportunity.

Additional financial aid is available to qualified applicants through the outlets available to all Study Abroad programs.

Learn about changes in ice and climate while traveling to Copenhagen, Denmark and along the west coast of Greenland — we will travel to Ilulissat, Aasiat, Nuuk, and Kangerlussuaq. Explore stunning environments and engage in the science and the response to climate change.

Tentative itinerary includes:

August 15: Meet in Copenhagen, Denmark
August 17: Fly from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq and then to Ilulissat on Air Greenland
August 17 – 24: Explore around Ilulissat, lessons in ice and climate, Arctic history, and includes boat tours in icy fjord and to nearby glaciers, as well as hiking in this area that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
August 24: Take the Diskoline ferry from Ilulissat to Aasiaat
August 26: Take the Arctic Umiaq Line from Aasiaat to Nuuk
August 28 – 1 September: Stay in the capital city Nuuk learning about government, history, and scientific research in Greenland
1-4 September: Fly from Nuuk to Kangerlussuaq on Air Greenland and spend the time hiking near Kangerlussuaq and onto the Greenland ice sheet margin
4 September: Fly from Kangerlussuaq to Copenhagen on Air Greenland
4-10 September: Spend this time in beautiful Copenhagen learning more about ice-core science, renewable energy, and Greeland-Denmark relations through active engagement at sites and with experts

The course focus is based on physical science, but the destinations and experiences will be rich in exposure and education in culture, history, and policy. The academic motivation is for students to understand how the Greenland Ice Sheet is changing due to climate change, how this affects people in Greenland and around the world, and how Denmark is leading scientific efforts to understand these changes and political efforts to mitigate these changes. Since no roads connect towns and cities in Greenland, we will go by plane and ferry to locations that will span smaller towns, stunning natural environments, and the country’s capitol city. We will hike on the Greenland ice sheet, tour the iceberg-choked fjords, and learn from Copenhagen how it is one of the world’s most desirable places to live and one of the most sustainable cities.



Join an information session on January 26 from 3-4pm in Schmitz Hall room 450.

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