Introduction to glaciers

This summer a high-school student through the Seattle Pacific Science Center’s Discovery Corps program in the Track for Earth and Space Science Achievement (TESSA) is joining our UW glaciology group.
Welcome to Chaja Levy!

For the start of Chaja’s summer research project studying changes in Blue Glacier in the Olympic Mountains of Washington State, I put together some introductory resources.

General glacier information:

Some PNW glacier information: (for fun)
Partners in the Park

Some guiding questions include:
What are the major controls on glacier length and thickness?
What is glacier “mass balance”? Are most glaciers in-balance, or out-of-balance?
What is the longest record of glacier change in the world? What is the longest record of glacier change in the lower 48 states of the US? Why is it important to have a long record?
– What other records of glacier change exist for Washington State? Which glaciers have been studied and are still being studied, and how long are the records?

Let me know of other helpful links that you find… or questions that you have!