Matlab Mapping tools

Chad Greene (at University of Texas, Austin) has provided a great set of Matlab tools for mapping Antarctic data, especially Bedmap2 data. Here is a set of steps to get these tools and start working with them. Thanks to Chad for this resource!

1. Download the Antarctic Mapping Toolbox from Matlab File Exchange:
There is a page about getting started in:

2. Download the Bedmap2 Mapping Toolbox from Matlab File Exchange:

3. Unzip the bedmap2_toolbox folder and follow the helpful instructions in:

When running ‘bedmap2_install’ you need to have Antarctic Mapping Toolbox accessible. You can have these in the same diretory, or add the path to it in Matlab (fill in your specific path):

4. Browse Chad’s other contributions on the Matlab File Exchange, as there are many other add-ons that are very helpful and some are needed to run examples provided. He also has tools for working with other Antarctica data sets (imagery and velocity, in particular):
For example, I added ‘modismoa’, but a warning that MODIS data download in order to run the script is about 8.5 GB.

The Bedmap2 data is also available directly from the British Antarctic Survey:
(Note, there is also a Matlab script provided by Joe MacGregor called ‘load_bedmap2’ — also very helpful!)