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CLOSED: June – September 2014 there is an opportunity for a high school student as part of the Pacific Science Center’s Discovery Corps program to join our research group!

Recent changes in Blue Glacier, Olympic Mountains, Washington

Contact: Michelle Koutnik, Department of Earth and Space Sciences, University of Washington (mkoutnik@uw.edu)

Description: As with many glaciers around the world, Blue Glacier in the Olympic Mountains is retreating. Scientific study and monitoring of this glacier began over 50 years ago and continues today – making it one of the longest glacier records in North America. This research opportunity involves archiving historic data sets of weather and glacier conditions, using snowline photos from the past decade to map glacier change, and helping to plan for and install new instruments at the glacier. In addition to research, the student will have the opportunity to learn about glacier change through interaction with the UW Glaciology group and will be given relevant reading material that we can discuss. The results of this project support a range of related activity and will be highlighted on the UW Blue Glacier website. While a multi-day trip to the glacier is not required for this research opportunity, joining the summer field team is encouraged for a student interested in backpacking and field methods.

Commitment: The position is offered at 15-20 hours per week. I am flexible on how these hours are filled during the week but the preference is for a working day on campus that is at least 4 hours on that day. Otherwise, the 15-20 hours can be filled any day of the week and during any hours (morning or afternoon). At least 15 hours per week on this project must be done at University of Washington. You will be given workspace in a shared graduate student office. I may be out of Seattle for multi-day travel at times from June 15 – September 15 but we can arrange the opportunity to start/end over a 10-week period that suits both of our schedules.

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View from Snow Dome of Blue Glacier accumulation area.

View from Snow Dome of the Blue Glacier accumulation area (Olympic Mountains of Washington state).