This 2018 course is closed but please contact me if you are interested in case a related course is offered in the future.

Below is information for students joining the Exploration Seminar to Greenland and Denmark offered from 15 August – 10 September 2018. This is listed as Earth and Space Sciences Greenland and Denmark: Ice and climate-change science and societal response.

This course provides 5 NW credits as ESS 402, included in the course fee, and will be cross-listed with Arctic Studies to provide 5 units of ARCTIC 387 if that is preferred.

Course fee listed reflects a significant reduction in cost due to generous support from the Scan|Design Foundation. We are thrilled to have this partnership and offer this distinct opportunity.

For the participants I have linked documents with more information. These are still being updated but are made available for planning — please take note of the version and look for notices of any updates!

Detailed itinerary

Packing list


Book list – you need to let me know your book choice by August 1.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page

Planning sheet to fill out with some details I need to know, including your travel plans

** Pre-departure meeting presentation 2 May 2018 ** (anyone at UW can view)


Lecture archive

** Full list of emergency and local contacts **

Some additional links:

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel
Danish Arctic Institute
Greenland Perspective
Ilulissat Hostel
Ilulissat Icefjord
Knud Rasmussen
Eqi Glacier tour
Pisiffik (major grocery store chain in Greenland; website in Greenlandic and Danish)
Diskoline ferry
Aasiaat Seaman’s Home
Aasiaat tourist office
Arctic Umiaq Line
Inuk Hostel
National Museum and Archive of Greenland
Inuit Circumpolar Council
University of Greenland
Greenland Institute of Natural Resources
Kataq Cultural Center
Greenland Parliament
Kangerlussuaq Internataionl Science Support
Greenlandic House in Copenhagen
Greenland Representation in Copenhagen
Danish Institute for Study Abroad
Middelgrunden Wind Farm Cooperative and Wikipedia page
Air Greenland
National Museum of Denmark
Danish Energy Agency


Statistics Greenland
Greenland in Figures (2017)
Stockholm Environment Institute Arctic Resilience Report