Mountain glaciers

Debris-covered glaciers on Mt. Rainier

We aim to improve our understanding of how significant debris cover affects glacier evolution, and how the debris cover evolves through time as the ice flows, thins (or thickens), and the debris supply changes. We will do this by conducting field work on debris-covered termini of glaciers on Mt. Rainier, and by developing models of glacier-surface and debris-cover evolution.


Changes in Blue Glacier, Olympic Mountains, Washington

A strong research program in glaciology also involves field work on glaciers and ice sheets. Local field sites like Blue Glacier are important educational and research platforms, and in particular there is a long history of UW work on Blue Glacier. Other glaciers in the Olympic Mountains are also potential research sites, and various teams maintain active research programs in the North Cascades, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker, and other glaciers in Washington state and the west.

Blue Glacier research program at UW (site to be updated…)