Courses / Univ. Washington Glaciology

Spring 2015 group reading seminar

This quarter we are reading “papers that we know, and want to share”. No specific theme, just that all of us are meeting and discussing things together that we are otherwise thinking about individually.

Week 1: Schroeder, D., D. Blankenship, and D. Young (2013), Evidence for a water system transition beneath Thwaites Glacier, West Antarctica. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110, 12225-12228.

Week 2: Smith et al. (2015), Efficient meltwater drainage through supraglacial streams and rivers on the southwest Greenland ice sheet, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112, 1001-1006.

Week 3: Walker, C.C. and B.E. Schmidt (2015), Ice collapse over trapped water bodies on Enceladus and Europa, Geophysical Research Letters 42, 712-719.

Week 4: Sugiyama, S., A. Bauder, P. Riesen, and M. Funk (2010), Surface ice motion deviating toward the margins during speed-up events at Gornergletscher, Switzerland, Journal of Geophysical Research 115.

Week 5: Sergienko, O., T. Creyts, and R.C.A. Hindmarsh (2014), Similarity of organized patterns in driving and basal stresses of Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets beneath extensive areas of basal sliding, Geophysical Research Letters, 41, 3925-3932.

Week 6: Meierbachtol, T.W., J.T. Harper, J.V. Johnson, N.F. Humphrey, and D.J. Brinkerhoff (2015), Thermal boundary conditions on western Greenland: Observational constraints and impacts on the modeled thermomechanical state, Journal of Geophysical Research Earth Surface, 120.

Week 7: Astrom, J.A., D. Vallot, M. Schafer, E.Z. Welty, S. O’Neel, T.C. Bartholomaus, Y. Liu, T.I. Riikila, T. Zwinger, J. Timonen, and J.C. Moore (2014), Termini of calving glaciers as self-organized critical systems, Nature Geoscience 7, 874-879.

Week 8: Khazendar, A., M.P. Schodlok, I. Fenty, S.R.M. Ligtenberg, E. Rignot, and M.R. van den Broeke (2013), Observed thinning of Totten Glacier is linked to coastal polyna variability, Nature Communications.

Week 9: Morlighem, M., E. Rignot, H. Seroussi, E. Larour, H. Ben Dhia, and D. Aubry (2011), A mass conservation approach for mapping glacier ice thickness, Geophysical Research Letters, 38.