Courses / Univ. Washington Glaciology

Spring 2018 reading seminar

Topic is glaciers and here is the reading list:

1. Rasmussen, L.A. and H. Conway (2001). Estimating South Cascade Glacier (Washington, U.S.A.) mass balance from a distant radiosonde and comparison with Blue Glacier. J. Glaciol., 47 (159).

2. Kamb and LaChapelle, 1964: Direct Observation of the mechanism of glacier sliding over bedrock.

3. Waddington & Marriott (1986). Ice divide migration at Blue Glacier, WA. Annals of Glaciology 8.

Hooke & Iverson (1985). Experimental study of ice flow around a bump: comparison with theory. Geografiska Annaler Ser. A, Physical Geog. 67 (3/4), 187-197.

4. Mackintosh, A. N., Anderson, B. M., Lorrey, A. M., Renwick, J. A., Frei, P. and Dean, S. M.: Regional cooling caused recent New Zealand glacier advances in a period of global warming, Nat. Commun., 8, 14202, doi:10.1038/ncomms14202, 2017.

5. Roe, G., M. Baker, and F. Herla (2017). Centennial glacier retreat as categorical evidence of regional climate change. Nature Geoscience.

6. Benn et al. (2017): Structure and evolution of the drainage system of a Himalayan debris-covered glacier, and its relationship with patterns of mass loss; The Cryosphere 2247-2264

7. Anderson et al. (2003): Integrated hydrologic and hydrochemical observations of Hidden Creek Lake jokulhlaups, Kennicott Glacier, Alaska; JGR