UW courses for glaciology students

There are many great graduate-level courses at the University of Washington, and many with a focus in glaciology. Check the course listing for quarter and year offered, but these course titles (among others) should be considered for students in our glaciology graduate program:

Principles of Glaciology / The Cryosphere

Geophysical Continuum Mechanics

Scientific Writing and Graphics

Heat and Mass Flow Modeling in Earth Sciences

Introduction to ESS Research (ESS 594; first-year seminar)

Physics of Ice

Snow and Ice on the Earth’s Surface

Dynamics of Snow and Ice Masses

Ice and Climate

Paleoclimate Proxies

Climate Modeling

Paleoclimatology: Data, Modeling, and Theory

Geophysical Inverse Theory

Geophysics: The Earth

Geophysics: Fluids

Geophysics: The Atmosphere

* Check for listings of group reading seminars, offered at different quarters through the year

Applied Math: Beginning Scientific Computing (AMATH 301); AMATH 401, 402, 403

Check listings for courses of interest offered through Atmospheric Sciences and Oceanography


Climate courses listed through the Program on Climate Change

UW Earth and Space Sciences course listings and course planning

College of the Environment