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Winter 2015 group reading seminar: Calving

This quarter we are reading papers about ice calving. Here is what we have been reading and discussing:

Week 1: Benn, Warren, Mottram (2007), Calving processes and the dynamics of calving glaciers. Earth Science Reviews 82, 143-179.

Week 2: van der Veen, C.J. (1996), Tidewater calving. Journal of Glaciology 42 (141), 375-385.

Week 3: van der Veen, C.J. (1998), Fracture mechanics approach to penetration of surface crevasses on glaciers. Cold Regions Science and Technology 27, 31-47.

Week 4: Banwell, A.F., D.R. MacAyeal, and O. Sergienko (2013), Breakup of the Larsen B Ice Shelf triggered by chain reaction drainage of supraglacial lakes. Geophysical Research Letters 40, 5872-5876.

Week 5: James, T.D., T. Murray, N. Selmes, K. Scharrer, and M. O’Leary (2014), Buoyand flexure and basal crevassing in dynamic mass loss at Helheim Glacier, Nature Geoscience.

Week 6: Amundson, J. (Submitted), A semi-macroscopic approach to tidewater glacier dynamics.

Week 7: Pollard, D., R.M. DeConto, and R.B. Alley (2015), Potential Antarctic Ice Sheet retreat driven by hydrofracturing and ice cliff failure. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 412, 112-121.

Week 8: Bassis, J. and C. Walker (2012), Upper and lower limits on the stability of calving glaciers from the yield strength envelope of ice, Proc. R. Soc. A 468, 913-931.

Week 9: O’Leary, M. and P. Christoffersen (2013), Calving on tidewater glaciers amplified by submarine frontal melting, The Cryosphere 7, 119-128.


(The associated photo is of a calving event at Kangiata Nunata Sermia, West Greenland.)